Organization of Past Planner Society Kits

Today I received my 18th Planner Society kit and I've enjoyed every single one to date.  It's my monthly creative routine where I get to simply decorate my daily diary without any complications since the kit is beautifully designed and color coordinated.  Here is my routine and organization of past kits.  

Current Monthly Kit - the current kit is contained in a basket or now in a Martha Stewart tin so it can be out of the way, but also convenient when it's time to use it.  The papers I keep in the basket if it's large enough or under the container if needed.  The entire month, I decorate my horizontal Erin Condren planner and use it as a daily diary.  I write about what major things that I do, lessons learned, and reflections.  At the end of the month, I use up all items that are left and store the rest. 

Kit Storage - I use a large container to keep everything that I have left over.  The paper, stamps, notepads and more.  In the video you will see it more in depth.  I use a TPS bag to keep my TPS washi.  At this point, it's nicely organized, but I will be giving away and using it as decoration for snail mail because I would like to use it all and spread the beauty.